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Design Consultation

Design Consultation

Thanks for your interest in working on a custom design project! We would love to hear about your idea in greater depth. The next step is scheduling a time to meet with us.

How Design Consultation Works

Every project is different. It’s best bring in anything that communicates your idea/ intention. We will have a dialogue about your project. This could be a sketch, an image, a crude model, a similar product etc. Anything that helps convey your idea to us great. The more to reference the better.

The Meeting

If you can make it to our studio in South Williamsburg to talk with us, great. Otherwise, we can chat via Google Hangout or Skype – whatever is most convenient for you!

Things we will give you feedback on:

  • ­Scope & Timeline
    • What kind of labor will be necessary?
    • What is a reasonable expectation of turnaround for this project?
  • Feasibility
    • Can something like this be 3D printed?
    • What is the best method for production/ prototyping?
  • Material
    • What materials have the best properties for a specific function?
    • What materials will fit the budget of the project? Can the project be painted, dyed, or finished?
  • Challenges
    • What issues arise regarding technical feasibility?
    • What are the challenges of designing for manufacturing/ staying within budget?
  • Price
    • Given the nature of creating a custom product or object from scratch, giving even a ballpark estimate from a description in an email is difficult. After our meeting, we will take all information provided and create a custom estimate based on your project. We can give feedback on ways to fit projects to meet specific budgets.
  • ­Manufacturing & Economies of Scale
    • Is there potential to outsource manufacturing depending on quantity?
  • Can we do it?
    • We can do quite a bit in our micro­factory, but if another designer we know might be more specialized or better suited for your specific project we can tap into our extensive network of specialized designers and proand connect you with another talented individual.


Because of the number of custom design requests we receive, we require a $45 deposit for a design consultation. We enjoy hearing about the passionate and inventive projects of the local creative NYC ecosystem, but don’t have resources to dive into depth with each project. For you, the client, understanding costs of prototyping or creating a custom object is crucial – and given traditional prototyping/ milling costs, a short consultation could potentially save significant time and money. For us, we want to make sure that projects are on a spectrum of seriousness so that we can give your project/ idea the attention it deserves.

If we decide to work together, this deposit is returned. Fill out the form below to schedule a design consultation.

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