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Workshops, Classes and Demonstrations

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We love to bring the magic of 3D printing directly to our clients – and a great way to do this is by incorporating 3D printing into live events. We offer demonstrations of live 3D printing, host seminars and classes, and can create and hand-out custom, 3D printed objects in and around New York City. If you are interested in bringing 3D printing to an event you are hosting, please send us a note at hello@makemode.co describing your event and what you would like to achieve.

3D Printing Demonstrations

Curious about how the 3D printing process works? Sometimes the best way to understand 3D printing is to see it in-action, live. We can bring 3D printing directly to your event with a customized demonstration of the 3D printing process for you and your attendees to view.


Pricing for live, 3D printing demonstrations is generally based on a set up fee for the printing demonstration itself as well as a half-day/day-rate. These price ranges assume the demonstration is in the New York City area. We can also demo a specific print, and that will be priced based on the complexity and design required for that print.

  • Demo Setup: $199
  • Half-day Demo: $799
  • Full-day Demo: $1299
  • Custom Print for Demo: Variable

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Personalized 3D Printing Classes and Workshops

For those of you who want to learn more about the ins-and-outs of 3D printing, we offer customized classes and workshops to walk you through this exciting technology. We offer standardized 3D printing classes, and can tailor the curriculum and focus for different audiences and audience sizes.


Pricing for customized 3D printing courses and workshops is generally based on a half-day or day rate. If you would like us to develop a customized curriculum tailored to your audience we are happy to do so and will price that based on the length and specificity of the curriculum. These price ranges assume the demonstration is in the New York city area.

  • Half-day Course: $899
  • Full-day Course: $1399
  • Customized Curriculum: Variable

Personalized Classes



Custom Give-Aways: 3D Printed Swag

Make a lasting impression with customized, 3D printed give-aways at your event. Take an existing object and add your companies branding, a quote, or create personalized objects for your attendees. There’s the usual swag, thumb drives, sunglasses, tote bags, travel mugs…break out of the mold with 3D printed give-aways.


Pricing for customized give-aways is based on our normal 3D printing design and pricing structure. We offer special volume discounts that work great with give-aways.

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