I think class chords are okay for the self-motivated learner, but they`re not a challenge for them. A class contract is an agreement between the learner and the teacher to comply with certain rules and standards. It applies to both learners and the teacher and is established at the beginning of the course. Swahili, like all other Bantu languages, have many classes of names. In class, verbs must correspond to their subjects and objects, and adjectives to the subjects who qualify them. For example: Kitabu kimoja kitatosha (One book will suffice), Mchungwa mmoja utatosha (One orange tree will suffice), Chungwa moja litatosha (One orange will be enough). www.teachingenglish.org.uk/article/my-english-classroom Okay, all the way. Many teachers impose their learning needs and experiences on those of their classroom. My starting point for exploring this approach was Barbara Prashnig and her work. Here is the link to their article “10 False Beliefs about Learning.

Click here to click on 10%20false%20beaux.pdf The very irregular verb to be is the only verb with more consistency than this one in the present. How are we going to behave with each other, with ourselves, with our equipment, with our time as a learner? Joint agreements create the Community. We can deliberately create a culture of teaching mutual respect and cooperation by establishing, modeling and making all participants accountable for support agreements on how we learn together. You may already have such agreements; You may have created them in collaboration with your students. In the classroom, considering it a fun, relevant and motivating activity, a class contract can be a useful way to start a dialogue about how the classroom works and thus promote learners` autonomy. Case agreement is not an essential feature of English (only personnel pronouns and pronouns that have casus marking). The agreement between these pronouns can sometimes be observed: I really like this article and found it confirming. Last year, in the first year, we worked to know what we need to do in school and what is learning? The students enjoyed sharing their dream environment in the classroom. We dropped everything and recorded all their proposals. Like the second set of rules, most student exchanges were the right thing not to do. As a teaching team, we grouped the was-non-to`s into three simple titles, the students helped sort….