All those who are designated as authors should meet all four author criteria and all those who meet all four criteria should be identified as authors. People who do not meet all four criteria must be recognized (see “Acknowledgements” section). Reference links Greater search capacity and quality peer review are guaranteed by online links to cited sources. In order for us to link to abstraction and indexing services such as Scopus, CrossRef, and PubMed, make sure that the data in the references is correct. Please note that fake surnames, magazines/books, release year and pagination may prevent linking. Please pay attention to copying references, as these may already contain errors. The use of DOI is recommended. Data References This review encourages you to cite underlying or relevant records in your manuscript by citing them in your text and adding a data reference to your reference list. Data references must contain the following: author name(s), dataset title, data repository, version (if available), year, and global persistent identifier. Add [the record] just before the reference so that we can correctly identify it as a data reference. The identifier [dataset] does not appear in your published article. Special prints can be ordered by the corresponding author. In order to ensure the integrity of the coverage of patient-centred studies, authors should register prospective clinical trials (Phase II to IV studies) in appropriate publicly available repositories.

For example, or one of the primary registries participating in the who International Clinical Trials Registry Platform. Ethics in publishing Please see our information pages on ethics in publishing and ethical policies for publishing magazines. Authors should not disclose to anyone that their manuscript has been accepted, with the exception of co-authors and contributors, until it is published without the publisher`s permission or described in the Guidelines on Previous or Planned Meeting Presentaton or Release of Information and Embargo Policy. It is very rare for this journal to publish case reports. Attach a cover letter and full contact information for the corresponding author (membership, postal address, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number) and whether the authors have published, published or submitted related works from the same study (see previous publication, posts preprint server and related manuscripts and reports). C. Interim. I am employed by an institution that considers this deposit a “rental work” and asks an agent of the institution to transfer the copyright on my behalf. Complementary material Complementary material can support and enhance your scientific research….