Laser Cutting File Setup: Inkscape

Create new File.

(Shift+Ctrl+D) To open Document Properties

Canvas: Edit the canvas size to match the dimensions of the sheet of material you wish to use. For example, if you are planning on using an 18”x32” sheet, change units to inches and change canvas dimensions to 18”x32”.


(Shift+Ctrl+F) to bring up Fill and Stroke menu

Cut Lines : Set stroke weight to .001” To change units to “inches” to “points”, set stroke color to RGBA Red (255,0,0,255)

Score Lines: Set stroke weight to .001”. Set Stroke Color to RBGA Blue (0,255,0,255)

Engraved Area: Set Fill area to RGB Black (0,0,0)

File Export: Save As .svg file

Using Our Templates

If you would like, use our templates (coming soon)! Download the template le and drop your designs in and then send to us. There is a helpful checklist on the template that is specic to Adobe Illustrator, to make sure everything is set up correctly so we can give you the speediest service possible.

18”x32” Sheet Illustrator Template

12”x24” Sheet Illustrator Template

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