Laser Cutting File Setup: Rhinoceros

Create new File.

Units: Start new file and choose “Inches” as the units

Material Sheet Sizes: Create a new layer. Make it green and draw a polyline box in the sizes of material sheets you would like to use. Our material sheets are either 18”x32” or 12”x24”. If you have multiple sheets of material to cut, you can copy and paste additional bounding boxes.

Designing a File:

Draw everything in “Top” view.

Cut Lines : Create new “Cut” layer and change color to red.

Score Lines: Create new “Score” layer and change color to blue.

Engraved Area: Use default black layer. Areas with engraved area should be called black.

File Export: Export as .dxf file/

Using Our Templates

If you would like, use our templates (coming soon)! We’ve set up a Rhino file with layers for cutting, scoring and engraving to make le setup a bit easier.

Rhino 4.0

Rhino 5.0

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