The final draft of the RFP will have been developed prior to the application for final approval. The call for tenders, including all tender documents, can now be distributed to pre-selected bidders. Tenderers should be given sufficient time to prepare their tenders. As an alternative to a physical site, it is increasingly common for public procurement authorities to make a virtual data space available. It is a secure website where project documents can be made available to authorized viewers online. Virtual spaces often have limits to viewing and using documents, for example. B by using digital rights management, in order to limit the possibility of storing, printing and distributing confidential documents. Bidders should also have until a specific date to submit questions and comments in writing. The proponent should consider comments and proposals and, where appropriate, revise the call for tenders and include amendments in the final version of the concession contract. The idea of the authentic deed adds value to my understanding and application of the BSD. Otherwise, it is a good alternative to help capable companies that might not have the resources to guarantee the security of the auctions.

Once the last date for questions and clarifications has expired, the call for tenders and the concession agreement will be understood and the call for tenders will be launched on this basis. In summary, the offer guarantee is to guarantee the offer and the signing of the contract, and the performance guarantee is to ensure satisfactory performance after the contract is signed. An offer guarantee is a form of money guarantee that the buyer or customer requires from a bidder or bidder to guard against the end of validity of the bid or refusal to sign the contract, if selected. In both cases, the buyer or the client would have the right to retain the amount of the guarantee offered. Bidders must be careful in their bids in order to comply with the tender documents so that they can be considered reactive. However, if the word “may” has been used in the tender document with regard to the security and form of the tender, in the sense that the declaration could have been such that `tenderers who do not submit the tender guarantee in the indicated format may not be rejected as reactivating`, the authorising authority could allow the tenderer to present the correct auction guarantee or auction guarantee itself, since the word “may” is a function of the measure. while work “must or becomes” is absolute….