Laser Engraving an Object

Frequently, we get asked to engrave on objects that clients bring/ ship to our studio. Here is a guide to generally outline what is possible, and how a custom quote is given. In order for us to engrave on something, it must satisfy four criteria.

Criteria #1: Object must have a flat, engravable surface

In order for our laser to properly focus and successfully engrave an object, the object needs to be engraved on a flat surface. If surfaces are curved, the engraving will be inconsistent or may not work.

Criteria #2: Object must fit in our laser engraver

Anything that we engrave must fit in our laser engraver. The max size of an object is 32″ in length, 18″ in width, and 5″ in height.

Criteria #3: Object must be an appropriate material

Learn about materials that lend themselves to laser engraving.

Criteria #4: A vector file of the artwork to be engraved must be produced/ provided

It should be scaled accurately to the size of how large you would like the engraving to be. Not sure what a vector file is? Click here. We can help set this up for you if you do not have the ability to generate a vector file. Sometimes all we need is a high resolution image.

Custom Laser Engraving

If the four criteria above are satisfied, the first step will be for us to create a custom jig to hold the object(s) in place for engraving. This first step is critical because we don’t want to have any custom engraving be crooked or not centered or positioned perfectly.

Custom Jig Example #1

Many pairs of headphones needed to be engraved. Although it is a highly irregularly shaped object, we were able to design and fabricate a custom stand to hold them in place. We were able to register this with a custom file setup so that each engraving was perfect.

Custom Jig Example #2

For engraving regular recurring batches of leather wallets, we worked with a client to create a customizable file template and a custom jig where wallets can be placed on a tray and be automatically registered with the file.

How an estimate is given:

A custom laser engraving estimate will take into account a few things:

Quantity: How many objects are being engraved? What are the specific quantities you would like a quote for? Would this be recurring? About how many objects would be engraved at a time?

File Setup: How much time and labor is required for us to set up a working file for you?

Creation of a Jig: How much time and labor is required to create a custom jig to register the engraving?

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