The city`s “Know Your Tenant” initiative has been confirmed for homeowners to get police check through their Hawk Eye app, after the discovery of criminal results, terrorist activities and child labor incidents. Verification requests are also received online. Beyond the fundamental concerns, such as your own safety and peace of mind, here are some compelling reasons to do so: You can get the online form for online police verification. Each landlord is required to download this form and make it available to their tenants for verification purposes. This must be done before handing over the keys to your apartment/house. The tenant is required to enter his original name, the father`s name, permanent address and other important information. This will verify the identity and background of the tenant and facilitate landlords` access to the help of the police in the event of a legal dispute/confusion. The process is different since the verification is done in the Commissioner`s office, from where you can buy a form for Rs 10. Add the copy of the rental agreement, photo, ID card, etc.

Pay a verification fee of Rs 200 for (or in your mobile app). Submit the form to the Commissioner`s office and get confirmation of the receipt, after which the police issue a security certificate within one month. In some cities, homeowners can perform this task with a mobile app. The Delhi Police has launched an app, Suraksha, to avoid red tape and trouble while tenant verification is being carried out. Landlords must correctly complete a tenant verification form available on the website of the police station in their area. You can also obtain a copy of this form by visiting the police station. Whether you are a tenant or a renter, you should avoid paying extra money to brokers who take a rent reduction and charge paperwork. For builders and owners of work and DIY, it is extremely important to be familiar with the legal procedures and to follow the prescribed instructions thoroughly.

As you can see, it is really important to carry out the tenants` policy check before renting your property to individuals, groups of individuals or families. Remember the old proverb – it`s better to be sure than to apologize. Previously, owners/owners had to go to the police station to file the police verification form after the online lease was concluded in Mumbai. The law requires all landlords to conduct a police check for their tenants, and any omission can result in cash charges or jail time. Under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code or the IPC, offenders may be liable to imprisonment for up to one month or a fine of up to 200. Learning the Rental Housing Policy Verification Form or the Tenant Policy Verification Form is very important in this regard. Legally, it is mandatory for all owners to carry out a police check for the rental of their real estate. Under the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and its Section 188, which covers offences liable to order, as any official explains, convicts are liable to a simple term of imprisonment for a tenor of up to one month or 200 as a fine. If something goes wrong with the tenant or there is illegal activity, the landlord is the one facing the music.

As a result, checking the online policy for rent is something you should never ignore. Why is tenant policy important? Apart from your own peace and security, there are several legal reasons why this should not happen at the earliest..