Laser Cutting File Preparation Services

If you are having trouble creating a laser ready file, check out our helpful resources on our laser cutting tutorial page. Alternatively, we can also create laser ready filles for you if you do not have access to vector graphics software or do not have the time to troubleshoot files. Let us know if you would like to use our laser cutting file preparation services.

Rates: Our rates for laser cutting file setup and preparation is $45/ half hour.

Some issues we can help with:

Creating a File from Drawings

Have an idea of quantity and dimensions, but need someone to convert these into digital plans for you? We can translate rudimentary shop drawings into precise digital plans for laser cutting.

Conversion of Image

To engrave images onto sheets of material, the image must be made into a 300dpi black and white bitmap. We can take any image and convert it to an appropriate file type and extension for successful laser engraving.

Laying Out File on an Artboard

If, for instance, you have many individual files and have indicated the quantity needed, but have not laid out them out on an appropriate art board the size of the proper material sheet, we can do that for you.

Customize Individual Components

If many repetitive components need a piece of text added or changed (like names, or serial numbers), we can add these in from a list or a spreadsheet.

Fixing/ Creating Stencil Files

In order for stencils to work properly, “bridges” may be needed to connect any unconnected “islands” in the design that may be lost during cutting. Learn more about this on our stencil page. Let us know if you would like us to fix these issues for you.

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