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Material Size and Capabilities

Material/ Size Limitations

Material Sheet Size

Our laser bed is 18″x32″. Our stock materials come in two sheet sizes: 18”x32” and 12”x24”12x24-300


Materials We Cut. Available thicknesses of stocked materials:

Material 1/32″ 1/16″ 1/8″ 1/4″
Birch Ply No No Yes Yes
Basswood Yes Yes Yes Yes
Acrylic No Yes Yes Yes
Chipboard Yes Yes Yes No
Museum Board Yes Yes No No

Other Stock Materials Available in one Thickness:

Material Thickness
Mylar 7.5mil (0.0075″)
Polypropolene 1/16″
Cardboard 5/32″
Cardstock 120 lb.

Material Compatibility

If you would like to use another material that we do not have in stock, you are welcome to bring in yours as long as it is okayed before hand.

Some materials that can technically can be cut by a laser cutter, we choose not to work with for a variety of reasons. This includes odor, noxious fumes, or unpredictable and undesirable results.

Here are a list of the materials we cannot work with:

Material Reason
PVC Releases chlorine gas when cut/ damages machine
Vinyl Releases chlorine gas when cut/ damages machine
Artificial Leather Releases chlorine gas when cut/ damages machine
ABS Melts and catches fire
HDPE Melts badly
Styrene Although styrene cuts well, it produces a bad odor
Fiberglass Noxious fumes
Magnetic Sheet In our experience has not cut well
Polycarbonate Discolors badly (only very thin sheets can be cut)
Gator Foam Melts. This material should be CNC milled.
Polystyrene Foam Melts and catches fire
Polypropolene Foam Melts and catches fire
Foam Core Foam shrinks and melts
Rubber Only very specfic types of rubber cut successfully
Coroplast (Corrugated Plastic) Takes multiple passes and is inconsistent
Cork Some cork contains alot of glue which can make cutting unpredictable

Materials that we CAN cut (but do not stock)

Material Thickness
MDF May contain formaldehyde.
Delryn Has to be very thin.
Cotton Lighter colors can have burn marks.
Leather Thick leather is extremely hard to cut through. Lighter colors can have burn marks
Felt Lighter colors can have burn marks.
Laser Rubber Laser Rubber cuts well but can be hard to find

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