Loaned Executive Program is a special (unpaid) opportunity for private sector talent to share their expertise with DHS. The department works with the private sector on innovative solutions to our internal security challenges under the program. Homeland Security is looking for senior executives and industry experts across the country who work with us if we strive to solve problems, improve processes and carry out our mission. The leaders on loan make a significant difference in protecting our nation. The executive tasks borrowed are hosted by DHS components, and responsibilities may vary. Becoming a leader: The theme of “lent leaders” emerged during the year-long scandal that led last year to the resignation of former Governor Robert Bentley. Gain an understanding of the work and value of United Way Suncoast and its partner agencies. Contact and work, first of all, with staff campaign coordinators to help plan and implement effective campaigns between their management and staff groups. This includes a reflection, but not just the provision of accounts containing campaign materials and the creation of presentations for employee groups. Active participation in leadership events, workshops and other executive programs, as indicated. Take responsibility for the achievement of a dollar target set by United Way staff. Manage records of assigned accounts, including results and campaign activities.

Document all interactions in The Andar System (United Way CRM). Give an assessment with recommendations for each assigned account that outlines future growth prospects. Take part in regular one-on-one interviews with United Way employees to report on the progress of the campaign. Take part in all associated campaign sessions/functions. Today`s executive order ensures that no party or external organization has any inappropriate influence, Ivey`s office said. Borrowed executives are leaders in their field and bring critical knowledge and skills to their demand offices. Governor Kay Ivey today signed an executive order prohibiting the hiring of executives paid by private organizations to work for government agencies. (Governor`s office photo) Under the decision, executives and agents cannot work in the administration of the Ivey, while receiving compensation from a non-governmental organization for work performed for the state.