First, the agreement must be written and it must be expressly stated that the plant is a “loan plant.” In some states (for example. B California), an “employment contract” must be concluded before work begins (which cannot be concluded after the fact). No matter what state you`re in, it`s best to close the deal before work starts. PandaTip: This model allows you to add electronic signature features to your photo service contracts. Once you`ve sent the contract, you and your customer can log in to any computer or mobile device! Categories 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are self-explanatory and are probably not applied in this photographic situation. The others, numbers 1, 4 and 5, deserve an explanation, because depending on the situation, this example of photo could be applicable. It is a work considered “secondary” to a work of another author to introduce, conclude, illustrate, explain, revisit, comment or assist in the use of the other work, such as prefaces and illustrations in a book. A writer, for example, writes a children`s book and instructs an illustrator to draw pictures for the book. The work of this illustrator would fall into this category and they could enter into a written agreement of “work for rent”. PandaTip: These are general contractual terms for photographic services. For specific terms for the services you offer, you should use one of our special photo models that you will find here.

Second, order work must be covered by one of nine specific work categories. And that`s where it gets confusing. Companies often enter into a “Work for hire” agreement to find out that the project does not fall into one of the nine categories and does not really own copyright. These nine categories are: PandaTip: This table allows you to offer detailed prizes for photo prints. Many photographers use this table in our photo print model that you will find here. A work is considered a “job for rent” when it was created by an employee as part of his employment. Under these conditions, the employer automatically owns the work and no written agreement is required. An example would be that an employee in a company`s marketing department took pictures of products rather than hiring an external photographer. The company would own the copyright to these photos. Another caveat he should be aware of is the conclusion of “Work for hire” agreements with individual contractors based in California. California law states that if you enter into a “Work for Hire” agreement under the Copyright Act, that individual contractor is considered a worker, resulting in compensation insurance, benefits, wages and other employment requirements for the worker.