In general, CIC agreements apply to executives for the following reasons: executive severance agreements refer to any agreement that offers a NEO benefits in the event of termination of a qualified employment contract that is not related to a change in the control of the company or that depends on a change of control over the company. The prevalence of a 3×multiple of severance pay has decreased significantly among NEOs since 2013. While a 3×multiple of severance pay remains the majority practice (but in decline) for CEOs, a majority of 2× of severance pay is now the majority practice for CFOs and other NEOs. In 2012 and 2013, a review of EXTERNAL CEO commitments shows that written agreements for such CEOs were widespread, even among some companies that in the past may not have favoured written agreements. Avon, Best Buy, Symantec, Green Mountain, Yahoo, The New York Times, Boston Properties, WellPoint, Big Lot Stores, RadioShack and Vaalco Energy provided employment contracts or detailed letters outside of CEOs. Most of these agreements contain provisions for new capital grants and/or supplements that have been cancelled by a former employer. While internal management staff temporarily secure new employment contracts, well-known companies such as Citigroup, Legg Mason and McDonalds do not have an employment contract in their newly promoted CEO positions. The dissemination of employment contracts for executives – competition to attract talent in fast-growing IT/SaaS companies is tough and attachment is a central issue for companies in the sector. For C-Suite and senior executives (i.e. VP/Exec Manager level), the impact of employment contracts is very high: 90% have employment contracts with guarantees in favour of the employee: definition of “cause”, often definition of “good reason” (for the employee, because the company changes the conditions of employment and retains the severance pay) and severance pay. The consideration is that the company benefits from an ip allocation, a non-compete clause, confidentiality and non-invitation clauses and dismissal after the termination of management. Suite C – Severance pay generally ranges from 6 months to 12 months, with most highly sought-after executives receiving between 8 and 12 months.