If your first application is accepted in principle, we invite you to discuss your credit needs, verify your identity and address, and carry out an accessibility check. To assess accessibility, we need to see proof of your income and get an understanding of your expenses. This should ensure that loan repayments are affordable and sustainable throughout your loan agreement. If your first application is accepted in principle, an agent calls and asks you to send you your ID card, address, income and a video selfie. You must email them to your agent to complete the evaluation. Your agent will then go through your income and expenses to make sure the loan is affordable and sustainable for you. If you accept the principle, we will contact you to finalize your application. We`ll talk to you about the next steps and see if you can afford to do it. We do this personally or over the phone, when we have to follow the rules of socialization or when a blockage is put in place. The NSF said it was waiting for an agreement in principle with the CMA. In principle, a springboard is accepted for the full approval of your loan. If you apply online or over the phone, we will conduct a credit check.

This exam helps us decide if we can give you credits and helps you confirm your identity. If these exams are passed, it means that you have been accepted in principle. To be fully approved for the loan, we still need to perform a phone accessibility check to browse your revenue and expenses. You can revoke your credit agreement 14 days after signing the contract. You must pay the full amount of the loan as well as all daily interest within 30 days of the withdrawal date of the contract. Once you have applied, you can get accepted status. The next step will be a call from your agent, where an assessment of your income and expenses will be made to ensure that the loan is appropriate, affordable and sustainable. Your agent will also check your ID card, address and income. If your application is accepted in principle, you must also: Accepted is in principle the first step in the application process.

To apply for a provident loan, you must first fill out an online form, or you can apply by phone and we will contact you with an agent. We will never work with credit brokers who charge fees. We work with brokers, but on the agreement that the customer pays nothing more for this service. If your initial application is accepted, a member of our team invites you to take an accessibility exam. During this call, they will check your proof of income. They will also ask you a few questions so they can understand your expenses. That`s all you can do to make sure you can afford loan repayments throughout your loan contract. If you are accepted in principle, an agent will call you to discuss your credit requirements and assess your income and expenses.