To remedy this, please update your Safari version to the latest version. If you can`t update Safari, use another browser, z.B. Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge (to delete this user agreement message). In cases where students refused the user agreement and then uploaded their tasks to QMplus, no originality reports are generated. When using the plagarist plugin, the user is not at any time asked to consent to Turnitin, which means that he will receive an error at the end stating that the assignment was not transmitted because the user did not accept the CLU. I wonder where the user agrees if the account on Turnitin was created via Moodle? We only use the plagiarism cap and it asks the children to accept the agreement – 1 time per course though. It is not by task in the course that if you have trouble submitting your paper and the deadline for your assignment is approaching quickly, we advise you to contact your teacher immediately. Due to the security and privacy settings in their browsers, some users may have difficulty viewing and accepting the new CLJ by clicking on the link above. Schools are advised to encourage students to accept the user agreement to ensure that the originality report is generated. We use the TII plagiarism plugin that appears in the EULA pop-up when a student adds a submission, if he has not yet given his approval to the EBA. As soon as they agree, they will not see it again unless the ECJ changes. If you decide not to accept, it will reappear when you submit the next piece of work in Google Chrome, the box should disappear on its own, but if it does not click on the green check that is visible in the field it should reject.

If this is the case, please delete your cache via this manual: If the user later accepts the EBA for this particular task, the convenor/guardian module must authorize a new test for the file to be forwarded to Turnitin and an originality report to be generated. When I use the turnitin assignment module for a task, the student is asked to accept Turnitin`s end-user license agreement before submitting it. Excuse me, there`s a problem with older versions of Safari, either: does it? Oh, really? At what stage are they invited to accept them? For some reason, it doesn`t show up at all for me. Is there a specific parameter that requires allocation? Are your operating system and Internet browser supported by Turnitin? Take a look at our system requirements to be sure. Yes, it works well if I use the gymnastics module. There is no place where the student is asked to accept if the task only uses the plagiarism plugin [not the turnitin module]. If you try to send with your mobile phone, please try again with a PC or laptop. If you deposit an entry on Turnitin, you will be asked to accept the latest CLA (see below). Are you having trouble sending your paper to Turnitin? Below are a few troubleshooting steps that can help you submit your work.