Unfair prejudice is the procedure by which a minority shareholder who is the victim of “unjustified” conduct by the majority shareholder can take legal action. But what constitutes unfair prejudice depends on the circumstances of this case. Often, the real issues that are being negotiated and the relationships between the parties mix. If things get really bad, relationship problems can become a problem in conflict. The conflict circle shows that relational issues can become the main cause of conflict. Good negotiators “separate people from the problem.” That is the purpose of the process. This is the goal of a conflict solver to create that trust, and what happens when two people meet, put problems on the table and are willing to work together to maximize their profits. So I enjoyed being part of this tutorial with you, and I look forward to next time. A number of strategies and tactics are used to make this process more efficient.

Parties are encouraged to conceal their true interests and take extreme positions at the beginning of negotiations in order to minimize the risk of losing too much. The negotiation process is often slow and may not result in an agreement. A close collaborator of the Lock-Ins is the offer “Take it or leave it”. This is a common approach to negotiations, but it does not promote a common solution to the problems. One possible answer is to ignore them and continue to negotiate, perhaps by introducing other solutions. If a new agreement is reached, try to find ways to keep your face to get the other part out of its “Take it or leave it” position. Conflict is the “process that begins when one party perceives that the other has frustrated or is countering a concern on its part,” said Kenneth Thomas, author of the Manual of Industrial and Organizational Psychology and co-creator of the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict fashion instrument. Thomas describes conflict as situations where the needs, desires or values of both parties collide or disturb each other in one way or another. Conflicts should not be harmful; It all depends on how we handle situations. While there is no obligation to have a shareholders` pact, it is strongly recommended to ensure the safety of all parties. In negotiations with a traditional approach to the position, each party will decide before the start (and revised during the negotiations) what its final outcome will be. You accept that they will make concessions in your applications, but that is the point they will not exceed.