If my Schwab account is converted to another account with Schwab, whether by closing my Schwab account and opening another account or otherwise, I agree to read and be bound by the terms of the Agreement applicable to that other Account as they are currently in effect at the time of conversion and as amended from time to time thereafter. I understand that the account terms for that other account with Schwab, including account fees, other fees and charges, cash features, interest rates and cash returns, may be different and more or less advantageous than comparable terms for my Schwab account. If I do not receive or do not understand the agreement regarding the account to which my Schwab account will be converted, I will notify Schwab. No person may bring an alleged or certified class action before arbitration or attempt to enforce a pre-litigation arbitration agreement against a person who has commenced an alleged class action in court; or is a member of an alleged class that has not withdrawn from the class with respect to claims covered by the alleged class action until: Schwab may provide links from a Schwab Service to other third-party websites or electronic service providers that are not affiliated with Schwab. Schwab has no control over such other websites or services, and Schwab makes no representations or endorsements of such websites or services. The fact that Schwab has provided a link to a website is not an endorsement, authorization, sponsorship or affiliation with respect to that website, its owners or suppliers. The use of information, software, services or products found on the Internet carries risks, and Schwab warns you to ensure that you understand these risks before accessing, using, relying on or purchasing anything on the Internet. You agree that in no event shall you hold Schwab liable for any loss or damage caused by the use of or reliance on any content, goods or services available on other websites. The distribution of the termination under the name of the designated beneficiary charles schwab has been attached to the account holder as your account, unlike the contribution.

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Attorney Bennett Cohen returns this week to continue his investigation into the arrangements to audit the accounts of pledged securities. This is the sixth part of our eight-part series on control agreements. To begin at the beginning, please read the first article, Examining Issues Relating to Secured Securities Account Control Arrangements. This Electronic Services Agreement amends your Brokerage Account Agreement(s) and supersedes all prior agreements between you and Schwab with respect to your use of the Electronic Services. Schwab reserves the right, in its sole discretion, without notice and without limitation, to suspend or terminate your access to its electronic services or any part thereof (including information [including research reports]) for any reason. Schwab may suspend or terminate your access to its electronic services for any reason, including, but not limited to, unauthorized use of your account credentials, breach of this Agreement, interruption of Schwab`s access to information or other data from an information or research provider, or termination of one or more agreements between Schwab and information providers, third-party search providers, or Information Transmitter. Schwab, information providers, third-party search providers and information transmitters will not be liable to you for the suspension or termination of your access to Schwab`s electronic services; provided, however, that if Schwab`s suspension or termination occurs without cause, Schwab will reimburse the party in proportion to any fees you may have paid for the portion of the Information and/or Electronic Services that was not provided to you at the time of the suspension or termination. We are not responsible and you agree not to hold us responsible for any loss caused directly or indirectly by terms beyond our control, including but not limited to: war, natural disasters, government restrictions, stock market or stock market decisions, strikes, interruptions in communications or data processing services, news or analyst reports, market volatility or disruption of appropriate trading on an exchange or market. When Schwab receives a request to distribute your account, Schwab typically processes the request within two or three business days (unless the distribution is related to an unusual event such as death or divorce, in which case the request usually takes longer to process).

On the same day the processing is completed, the distribution amount will be debited from your account. The distribution cheque is written and sent the next business day. You agree and acknowledge that Schwab will receive interest from the day your account is debited and ending on the day the cheque is presented for payment, the time of which is beyond Schwab`s control. Upon request, Schwab will provide you with an oral update to determine the status of your pending distribution controls. You further acknowledge that proceeds from the sale of your restricted/controlled securities may not be made available to you for payment or trading purposes until Schwab, in its sole discretion, has received reasonable confirmation that your restricted/controlled shares have been transferred or released for transfer. Since securities trading with limited/controlled control requires special treatment from Schwab and third parties, processing your transaction may take several weeks, during which time the price of your securities may fluctuate. You agree not to hold Schwab responsible for any market fluctuations that may occur during the settlement of your transaction at the market price or the settlement of your securities. You further agree not to hold Schwab liable for any delay in the purchase/sale (or completion of such purchase/sale) of your Restricted/Controlled Securities resulting from the failure of the Issuer`s advisor to provide or approve required legal advice, the transfer agent`s inability to process your shares or any other act or omission of any third party. .