From March 2015 to June 1, 2019, an additional schedule for the solar panel lease was added at the Douster Crescent, Waterfall Crescent and Breezehurst Drive homes in Bewbush. Your lease agreement depends on the type of lease you have, the start date of your lease and, in some cases, your address if your home was built after 2015. Crawley Borough Council operates a rent bond system to provide residents with access to private rentals within the district if they do not have the savings to pay a down deposit. As long as they can afford to pay the monthly rent, the Council has an option that could help them be allowed for a new lease. The tenancy agreement is a legal contract between Crawley Borough Council and each tenant. It defines the rights and responsibilities of both parties. The Crawley program is similar to other councils` plans, but it is better for landlords and tenants. It covers the damage caused by the tenant, as virtually all other plans do. This warranty also covers residues. If a tenant leaves without paying the last rent payment, landlords can file a claim with the Council.

It`s really a global commitment. An inspection of the accommodation may be necessary. An inventory form documents the condition of the property and provides the basis for future claims. Donors should contact the Commission to submit any claims that may require post-review. Most tenants, whose initial rent was before April 2013, and new tenants in protected dwellings will likely have such an agreement. Changes in secure leases in certain areas: the main advantage is that this scheme involves zero rental fees or interest charges. This clearly offers an advantage over all credit options to cover the rental deposit. It also offers a realistic option for someone who has bad loans. They cannot borrow money from most banks, so it is a good idea for them to go to the Council for help if it helps them access new rental housing. It is important that you understand your lease. If you violate the terms of this contract, we may take legal action that may cause you to lose your home.