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Our Work

We Use 3D Printing to Make Custom Objects for the World’s Top Brands

Make Mode leverages the virtues of 3d printing to unlock new creative possibilities and make big impressions. Create something unique on your timeline and budget. Be confident in the look, feel, and consistency of your custom, 3D printed designs. From one-of-a-kind objects, products, and prototypes to small/medium scale batch production, we specialize in demanding and time-sensitive custom projects of all types.

At Make Mode, every step of the digital fabrication process lives under one roof. Unlock the all the possibilities of rapid prototyping, custom object creation, and more with Make Mode. Our standard client process works like this:



Our network of talented designers can elevate ideas into beautiful physical designs.

Feedback and Iteration


We bake in a number of iterations based on your timeline to make sure the product is aligned with your creative vision.


production (1)

3d printing and finishing parts in our New York studio allows us the ability for greater control and quick turnarounds.



Designed By:


Developed and produced full color 3d printed awards for the Fisher Price’s campaign, The Mommy Awards. With 360i and Fleet Hower.



Movable Ink Award

Designed, printed, fabricated and assembled a custom award. Mounted on laser engraved base.



Convene Magazine Cover

Created and 3d printed a large model of text which was photographed and featured on the cover of Convene Magazine.



Bacardi Bats

Produced 700 3d printed bats engineered to be suspended from bungee cords.


Autotrader Drivetastic! Campaign

Consulted and produced full-color, custom Hula Dolls modeled after social media influencers. With 360i and Fleet Hower.

Sculpture (1)

Montefiore TV Commercial

3D printed and fabricated custom text sculptures that were filmed for a television commercial.


Counter Cultural David

Edited existing 3d models of Michelangelo’s David. In case you were wondering what 80’s punk or naughts emo David would look like.

Art Direction

how typography

HOW Magazine Cover

Modeled and 3d printed for the cover of HOW magazine. With Timothy Goodman.


Esquire Magazine Artwork

Modeled and 3d printed for a feature in Esquire Magazine. With Timothy Goodman.



Custom Key Holder

Designed, developed, and 3d printed a wall mounted key holder. Functional? Yes. Creepy? Maybe.


NYC Neighborhood iPhone Cases

Designed and produced 24 iPhone cases, each with different abstracted maps of neighborhoods in Manhattan and Brooklyn.


The Biggie Bank

Designed, developed, and 3d printed a functional Biggie Bank. More money, more problems. Notorious P.I.G.


3D Printed Emojis

Created and 3d printed over 20 emoji. Tens of thousands of these have been sold and they have been remade into Christmas ornaments and branded giveaways.



Bloomberg Year in Review

With a combination of 3d modeling and 3d printing, we printed and filmed a timelapse of the production of the busts of 4 news makers for Bloomberg TV’s year in review program.



Fast Company Artwork

Produced more 3d printed text/ typography. This was for a Fast Company feature: The 100 Most Creative People in Business 2015. Text and Art Direction by Timothy Goodman.

Proof of Concept


Cute Robots

Designed and 3d printed characters from 2d drawings for turnaround in under a week.


Ballet Piece

We sponsored the Arch Ballet in NYC to bring these 3d printed wearables to life. With Merve Oztemel.


Everything Forever Belt

This project was a collaboration with Katie Gallagher and Studio Bitonti. We adapted the final design files to be functional and prepped for production of 3d printing in steel.


Public School NYC 3D Bowtie

Designed and 3d printed a custom bowtie for CFDA award winning fashion label, Public School. This was for the launch of the Manus x Machina exhibit at the Met Gala, worn by Carmelo Anthony.

Character Design


3D Printed Monster

Designed and 3d printed characters from 2d drawings for turnaround in under a week.


Dude Perfect

These social media giveaways were made to promote the Super Bowl and popular YouTube channel, Dude Perfect.

Data Visualization


3D Polling Data

Used aggregate polling data and full color 3d printing to tell a story of three presidential elections in three dimensions.

Data Visualization


Rainfall Visualization

From a data set, we created a 3d printed map showing precipitation levels throughout the continental United States for 2015.




We took a 3d model of the New Museum in NYC, 3d printed it, then cast it into a sparkly green, custom candle.

Some of Our Clients and Collaborators