3.5. If Josh Withers is unable to arrange the ceremony in accordance with this contract, for any reason, including due to an unanticipated accident and/or injury, Josh Withers will advise the couple as soon as possible and arrange for another celebrant to organize the ceremony. The parties are committed to maintaining the services of Josh Withers as their celebrants under the following terms and conditions: I provide you with a high level of ceremonial service; Ensure that you recognize and understand the importance of marriage Ensure your marriage complies with current law and includes the preparation and presentation of all critical documents on time. 3. Immediately inform the celebrant of any changes to the time, date or location of the ceremony. The celebrant reserves the right to terminate the contract and maintain the booking fee if he cannot perform the ceremony due to the change of date, time or location. The celebrant will discuss whether other funds already paid at the time of notification of a change in the ceremony, date and/or location will be refunded. At your wedding ceremony, be provided with at least two witnesses present and guarantee the registration of the monitum and mandatory legal vows to ensure that your marriage is solemn and that all marriage certificates are duly signed; Defines terms and conditions and service agreements between the celebrant and the couple (client) for the provision of services, payment of fees and compliance with the requirements of the Marriage Act 1961 (Law) and the 1963 matrimonial regime (Ordinances) for marriages or marriage ceremonies and statutory requirements. At the end of the signing of NOIM, give you the Attorney General`s office approved brochure All the time before and after the provision of training and prior advice and help to inform about local education centers before the opportunity to explore and strengthen their relationship and help plan your future; Marriage is a serious matter, and when I talk about duty of care as a conjugal, it is my responsibility to ensure that their marriage is in accordance with the law and duly solemn when you say “I do” on your wedding day. 6. The services of authorized matrimonial celebrants will end with the tax agreed in accordance with the Marriage Act 1961 and the Code of Conduct (37L) under the matrimonial regime.