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The “Space Cadet” format is a bit ridiculous for someone like me, who is in my 7th decade, but it`s bearable. Some of the indications are somewhat imprecise, if not misleading, and there is no immediate way to report or challenge them. I have been teaching English for over 40 years, so I have a little insight into the definitions. All that has been said, the ads are the most annoying aspect. As non-responsibility, I know perfectly well that many other games have the same ads with exactly the same problem. If a game can`t “hook” you in ten or fifteen seconds, the remaining fifteen don`t go either. The most annoying ones are the ones from which you go out “X” just to have a second screen with a wait to hit the second “X”. What do these ad creators think? They noticed that these persistent and duplex displays can actually have the opposite psychological effect: “I`m never going to download this boring thing.” So put me in 15 seconds or less, or forget about it. By the way, my wife and I play the same games on our IPads as a competition that is fun for many, except that she wins too often. Related companies: In certain situations, third-party companies or websites to which we are connected may from time to time sell you or provide you with products through or in connection with the Services (individually or jointly with us).

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