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3D Printing in Architecture

3D Printing in Architecture

3D printing is a process and tool used widely in the architecture field. It has many uses and can greatly increase the efficiency of creating and refining presentation models for various use cases. Here at Make Mode we have worked with the architecture community across many projects over the years and are sensitive to the needs of both architecture firms and architecture students.3d printing for architecture flatiron building nyc

Massing Models

Show schematic design or use to easily produce context buildings for models. Print a single building or an entire city skyline.
3d printed building interior for architectural use

Detailed Models

Produce precise, high resolution architectural models extremely quickly. Show interiors, exteriors, and cut aways in any number of possibilities.
full color 3d printed building for architectural use

Full Color Models

Our Projet 660 powder based printer can print in full CMYK color, making it great for presentation models. Let clients understand the look and feel of a space quickly and easily.

3D Printing Materials

ABS Plastic Using: Uprint SE plus for strong and functional parts. Print in solid colors.

Gypsum Powder/ Full Color Sandstone Using: Projet 660 for full color parts and complex geometries.


  • Save on time/ labor building architecturemodels
  • Local pickup for 3d prints (fast turnaround)
  • Knowledgeable staff with architectural backgrounds
  • Transparent Pricing


Learn about our 3D printing rates. We offer competitive, transparent pricing on all of our 3d printing services.

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We printed details of Syria’s arch of Palmyra from 3D scans for the Institute of Digital Archeology. ISIS has been systematically destroying historic ruins in Palmyra, and 3D scanning and printing is being used as a way to preserve and protect monuments like this.3dprintedarchitecturemodel3dprintedarchitecturemodel23dprintedarchitecturemodel33dprintedarchitecture1-13dprintedornamentarchitecture3dprintedcolumn

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