Laser Cutting in Architecture

Laser cutting is a process and tool used widely in the architecture field. It has many uses and can greatly increase the efficiency of creating and refining presentation models for various use cases. Here at Make Mode we have worked with the architecture community across many projects over the years and are sensitive to the needs of both architecture firms and architecture students.

laser cut building facade

Laser Cuts for Models

Create components precisely, easily, and quickly for assembly and model making.

laser cut topography

Topographic and Site Models

Make topographic models by laminating multiple layers of cut materials.


Proof of Concept Models

Elements of building skins, facades, or details can be fabricated for internal reference, or for client feedback.

Laser Cutting Materials

Stock materials include(or bring your own):

  • basswood/ birch ply
  • chipboard/ museum board
  • acrylic/ plexiglass


  • Large selection of stock materials
  • Competitively priced (we can provide exact quotes)
  • Quick turnaround
  • High quality results


Learn about our laser cutting rates. We offer competitive, transparent pricing on all of our laser cutting services.

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